List of Workshops



 Room A1Room A2Room A3
8:00-18:00 (all day)Robust Optimization-Based Control and Planning for Legged RobotsAI for Long-Term Autonomy Human 2.0
 Room 24Room 26Room 27Room 35
8:00-18:00 (all day)Application of the Theoretical Background in Parallel Robotics to Other Research Areas Human-Robot Interfaces for Enhanced Physical InteractionsTask-driven Perceptual Representations: Sensing, Planning and Control under Resource Constraints Exploiting Contact and Dynamics in Manipulation


 Room 24Room 26Room 27Room 35
8:00-12:30Grasping and Manipulation Datasets Verification of Robots and Autonomous Systems Nature vs. Nurture in Robotics Marine Robot Localization and Navigation
13:30-18:00Fielded Multi-Robot Systems Operating on Land, Sea, and Air Emerging Topological Techniques in Robotics Aerial Robotics Manipulation: from Simulation to Real-Life Legged Robot Falling: Fall Detection, Damage Prevention, and Recovery Actions