Technical Tours

The following Technical Tours are available as options in the registration form

Ericsson (Monday May 16th, 14:30-17:30) 

Cost: 500 SEK

Buss picks up at 14:30 right outside Venue main Entrance.

Visit to the Ericsson Studio in Kista. Ericsson studio is a multifunctional business environment that reflects the significance of our contribution, quality and innovation power.
We tell how we turned possibilities into realities, we show hardware solutions, and above all we show that your visions will become true together with Ericsson. The architecture focuses on people and senses. Spaces are deliberately disruptive rather than perfect. Perfection rarely leaves memories. The theme is Backstage. Demos are performed both in open and secluded spaces. There is a large multipurpose theatre, a lounge and café for gatherings and mingling. All construction materials are sustainable and will be reutilized elsewhere. In the end, we offer a delightful and inspiring journey into the Ericsson world.

Scania (Friday 20th of May 8.00- 14.00)

Cost: 500 SEK

Buss picks up at 8:00 right outside Venue main Entrance.

Welcome to Scania, one of the leading heavy vehicles manufacturers in the world! Scania produces premium trucks, busses and engines to demanding customers worldwide. These high expectations are met by focusing on total customer profitability through providing complete transport solutions including products, services and financing. On this tour, a bus picks you up from the Waterfront Congress Center and takes you to Södertälje, where the head office, product development and a number of manufacturing departments are located. The visit includes a company presentation and a guided tour in one of the manufacturing plants. Besides this, the latest developments in industrial robots field at Scania will be presented and lunch will be served.

AASS (Örebro University) (Saturday May 21st 8:00-16:00) 

Cost: 500 SEK

Buss picks up at 8:00 right outside Venue main Entrance.

This tour will offer you the opportunity to visit the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) at Örebro University. The research center is located in the town of Örebro, about 200 km west of Stockholm. The tour will showcase research on autonomous and cognitive systems performed at AASS and will feature several demonstrations of ongoing EU and national projects. AASS is an interdisciplinary research center, organized in two laboratories:

Cognitive Robotic Systems Laboratory (CRS) The lab’s primary focus is to perform basic and applied research on cognitive robotic systems. We address in particular the crucial problem of the integration of higher-level cognitive processes into physically embedded systems, like robots. Our approach relies on the combination of techniques from computer science and artificial intelligence with the use of real robots and sensors. The tour of the CRS Lab will showcase the integration of robots in smart environments, the use of hybrid reasoning in cognitive robots, and case studies of robot companions for the elderly and for children

Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Laboratory (MRO) The lab’s main focus is on perception systems for mobile robots. Our goal is to advance the theoretical and practical foundations that allow mobile robots to operate in an unconstrained, dynamic environment. The approaches that we develop address real-world needs and are typically characterized by fusion of different sensor modalities. Where possible, the results of our research work are timely integrated in industrial demonstrators. The tour of the MRO lab will showcase our results in 3D mapping and localization with a focus on industrial AGVs, gas distribution mapping with mobile robots, as well as autonomous grasping and manipulation.

The technical tour will also include a visit to the Ängen Research and Innovation facility ( which provides a testbed for robotic and intelligent system technologies in the context of assisted living.

The tour registration fee covers transportation to/from Örebro and lunch at the university campus restaurant.


Note that there are a limited number of attendants on all the tours.